Starting 2004, we started a collaboration with the German organisation: Internationales Bildungs und Sozialwerk e.V. RPWA visited ?St. Martin? Home from Naumburg in 2004and 2006 in order to gain information and knowledge about the German experience in ensuring an independent life for people affected by Prader Willi Syndrome, in the ?group home? system. 


► To ensure access to information from the German experience in assisting people afftected by PWS and autism in ?group homes?. 

► To transfer ?know- how? and develop new collaborations;


► Access to information about the organization of ?group homes? for patients with PWS and autism;

► Improved organizational management by transfer of know how and examples of ?best practice;

► New collaborations: financial support for the organization of the International PWS Congress in Cluj ?Napoca, June 21-24 2007;

► Support in dissemination of information about PWS in-country (due to the Romanian partners of BSW); 

► National and international promotion of RPWA image;