The Romanian Prader Willi Association in partenrship with BACH Zalau, Salaj ANPH Inspection, ?ACASA? Foundation, Department of Youth and Sports, Department for Social Work and Child Protection, Community Social Work Department, Special School ?Speranta?, Zalau, Simleul- Silvaniei, Cehu- Silvaniei Community Services Centers, CITO Badacin Down Sybdrome Association Cehu - Silvaniei, with the financial support of the Zalau City Hall, SC Vidalis Impex SRL, Special Olimpics Bucuresti and SC Tonelli SA developed the project ?Integration through sports? ? part of the Special Olympics program. 


► to integrate children and young people with mental disabilities into the community by actively involving them in sports competitions, providing them the chance to physically develop, to prove courage, to enjoy life together with family, friends, other athletes and community members. 


► Development of physical abilities through sports in 78 children and young people with disabilities;

► Stimulation of self-esteem by active participation in community;

► Improvement of health for 78 children and young people with disabilities through sports;