Dear Friends, Welcome on the website of the Romanian Prader Willi Association!

We represent patients with Prader Willi Syndrome and other rare diseases in Romania, as well as their families and we wish to fight against the ongoing isolation that the health system, mass media, and scientific researchers in our country foster. The Romanian Prader Willi Association – RPWA was created in May 2003, in order to bring together the efforts of patients, specialists and families to ensure a better life for all people with disabilities produced by rare diseases in Romania. On October 16 2005 we opened theInformation Center for Rare Genetic Diseases. It is the first center of this type in Romania and we wish it to be a resource center for patients with rare diseases, their families and specialists involved in the diagnosis and management of these diseases.

The access to information about diagnosis and management is essential and support groups of patients who went through similar experiences may lead to a better acceptance of the situation and a more efficient approach of the disease.  

We are aware of the fact that, no matter how strong and motivated parents may be, they cannot succeed by themselves to fight the disease. They need specialists and the understanding of the community they are part of. The most important objective of our association is to provide support and understanding, counseling and access to information, so that nobody feels alone anymore. 
All information we publish are provided with an informative purpose and cannot substitute your doctor’s advice and prescriptions. You should not use the information provided by us for diagnosing or treating the health problems that you are dealing with. 
If you have or you think you have health problems, contact your doctor. For counseling, guidance and information, you can contact RPWA 
we thank the specialists who joined us!
Dorica Dan     
RPWA President